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Tips Advices For Umrah

Tips Advices For Umrah


This article is all about the Umrah packing checklist things that you probably doing to need while your stay in makkah, we will also share you guys some tips and ideas in the description of different necessary items. After when you are done with the umrah packing, you will have an idea that what kind of challenges you are going to face. And this article will help you in making your sacred journey fruitful and easy. We Hope that following tips will help you INSHALLAH.

* Avoid doing shirk and biddat:

When you are plan to go to perform Umrah for the first time, emotions are quite high and this is found very common that you tend to accept anything that anyone tells you to do earn amount of rewards. Since every pilgrim want to make the best of their sacred journey, you say might to try that. But it’s the time to be very careful because small wrong deeds sometimes render your great deeds useless. Instead of asking to people who don’t know anything about Umrah, Ask the knowledgeable ones. In Haram Shareef, there is a chamber outside the entrance where religious scholars are present to help you regarding your fiqh issues. In Madina, this facility is also available and different scholars from almost all corner of the world help in giving you answer. If you are travelling with group then ask them to provide you religious scholars than can help you. Don’t shy from asking anything, its better to ask then doing wrong and involving in shirk and biddat.

* Learn some basic Arabic terms:

In Saudi, most commonly spoken language is Arabic and not everyone there in security or other people have great command on English. Even many sign-boards are written in Arabic language and it for pilgrim this will become difficult to understand. So it is advisable to learn at least a few most frequent words and phrases.

* Stay hydrated:

As it is obvious that Saudi Arabia is a hot country and during the umrah you will feel too much heat so it is very important to drink as much as water as you can, being hydrated throughout the day will help you in performing the umrah rituals in a better way.

* Don’t bring kids:

If you have children who have not yet hit puberty, then it is better to leave your kids at home. Umrah includes Saaee, tawaaf and this requires lots of effort so with kids performing the rituals will become very difficult. If you are having more than kids then it will be quite hard for you to handle them and this will divert your concentration from performing rituals and other acts of worship. So its better to no bring them with you.

* Take extra clothes

Bring some extra clothes, so you don’t need to wash some of the dirty, smelly ones while you are there and want to spend more time in worship. So pack some extra clothes in this regard, so you would not have to shop or wash them. When you are there, try to focus spending time in resting and worshipping instead.

keep some cash in Saudi currency

You never know when you will be in need of money so before leaving for Umrah, convert currency in riyals. This will help you in tackling the difficulties and problems. Sometime you need to pay dum for missing any obligation, ritual or any other violation, and for giving Sadaqah. So don’t forget to convert the currency.

* Label everything clearly.

This is a better idea to label your luggage and bags also Zamzam bottles that you bring back with you for your family, friends and close ones. A pilgrim is allowed to bring 5 litres zamzam bottle, you are advised to label your zamzam bottles correctly, this is possible that you may not get your water bottle at the end this could be happened that somebody can mistakenly think it’s their Zamzam bottle.

* Don’t pack your metal items

There is a great security in Makkah and Madina and all bags are properly checked at the entrance of the Holy Kaaba and also before entry to any sacred site, in makkah and Madina both. So don’t pack metal items especially nail cutter, Knife etc. They may take these items from you.

* Do not stand in the middle

For any reason either to perform namaz or to reciting Holy Quran etc choose to sit corner areas instead of taking place in middle or crowded area, you should keep this in mind that you are there to perform Umrah and there must not be any act done by you that harm others, try not to disturb pilgrims or others by holding off their path and you should also not to worry about those people passing in front of you when you are performing namaz. Try to be good to other and leave the rest on ALLAH Almighty. Nowadays it’s a very common act that People stand in the middle of the area of Tawaaf to take a picture or selfies, some of them make videos, this is a bad act that disturb other pilgrims.

* Avoid eating junk food

Throughout your sacred journey, try to eat healthy and easily digestible foods and avoid eating junk foods because these kind of food item will push you to sleep and you will feel heavy all the time, worse affect of this is that you will also not be able to perform your religious duties in a proper and active manner.

* Do not throw garbage everywhere

People usually have habit to throw garbage on roads, paths and corridors etc. People especially after eating something throw garbage anywhere without thinking that their act can harm others. People got rampant there; everyone should take care of this. Think before buying food, purchase only what that you do not buy too much food items that you have to throw afterward. This also happens at the time of stay in Mina, instead of throwing garbage in dustbin people throw anywhere they get place or sometime not just the garbage but pilgrims throw their food on road sides etc. People focus in hoarding so much of eatables by thinking that they may not get all this afterward and then waste it because they do not want to eat that anymore. If you see other peoples doing wrong acts like this, try to stop them and do not reach to their level. It’s your duty that no one will hurt by any of your single act. Do not create problems and difficulties for others just for your own temporary comfort.

* do not use or touch belongings of others without permission

It’s a very common there that people touch and use each others belongings without taking their permission, its not good act even if you think that the person will not mind this). This also includes wearing anyone’s slippers (usually happens) if you are not able to find yours.

* Do not use abusive language, curse or beat anyone

When you are in makkah for performing the Umrah then try to control your anger and words, do not use lewd or abusive language and also do not involve in vain talks, if you have a low temperament and crowd is pushing to anger then it is you duty to control you anger and do not fight or beat anyone because you any kind of bad act can void your Umrah. Try to move ahead towards some rewarding and virtuous deeds or if you get yourself involves in bad deeds then in the end you will gain a lot more bad deeds and very less good deed. People mostly there shove or push each other when they move to kiss the Hajra-e-aswad (the sacred black stone out side the Holy Kaaba). People become selfish there and do not give space to other and in the result fight, anger happens. At this time women pushing men and men shove female to get the nearest place even each others Clothes being pulled, this is not the teaching of Islam pilgrims should keep this mind that no one will be harmed by you and all should have to respect each other.

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