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Easter Umrah Packages

Cheapest Easter Umrah Packages 2022

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Cheapest Easter Umrah Packages 2022

Muslims who are looking for cheap and reasonable Easter Umrah Packages 2022 must go for Makkah Tour for making them their travelling partner. We are well known and well reputed travel agency who always come up with great Easter Umrah deals with all facilities and luxurious services. Our travel agency is now offering end of the year deals for our respected customers. All those Muslims who really desire and intending to visit Makkah for the performance of minor pilgrimage, but are not finding any suitable cheap Umrah package which meets their needs, requirements and pocket providing by other agencies, so it is advised to all those people to come and visit our travel agency we won’t disappoint you because our main aim and goal is to serve our customers what they expect, we will be blessed to serve our clients outstanding facilities throughout their sacred journey. Many Muslim dreamt and wished hearty to visit the Holy Kaaba, House of ALLAH Almighty and to bow down there and perform acts of worship and ask forgiveness. For performing minor pilgrimage every Muslim wished and linked their emotions and feelings with visiting the Holy Kaaba and other sacred sites of Makkah and Madina, the two most sacred and beautiful cities in the whole world.

All Muslims who are wishing to book Easter Umrah 2022 knows that minor pilgrimage is an act of worship which is not obligatory to perform but it is highly recommended and got special place in religion Islam.

Hajj is the fifth pillar of religion Islam and also obligatory to perform by every able Muslim, minor pilgrimage is different from Hajj and also easy to perform. Hajj is performed once in a year in the month of Zil-Hajj , which is the last month of Islamic calendar whereas Umrah can be performed in any month throughout the whole year, not any specific times is fixed for the performance of minor pilgrimage. Minor pilgrimage has two types. One type of Umrah is performed along with the Hajj. And other one is offered without Hajj. It is wish of every Muslim to get an opportunity to visit Makkah for the performance of the minor pilgrimage and do ziyarats in Makkah and Madina.

Umrah is such a spiritual sacred journey which every financial and physical able Muslims undertake, and this can be performed more than once all over the year because there is not any time limit fix for the performance of minor pilgrimage. Muslims from all around the world having diverse cultures, casts, and languages do the divine voyage. In order to fulfil the religious responsibility with complete peace of mind you need to travel with reliable travel agency like Makkah Tour, who has many years of working experience in this field.